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  State Government

Virtual IT has provided technology based consulting services to various state departments with the Commonwealth of Virginia. The following is a brief synopsis of these projects:

> A Commonwealth of Virginia department leveraged Virtual IT’s expertise in infrastructure architecture and database architecture. We provided support to two remote sites, both with a similar need to upgrade systems to meet state mandated standards. Virtual IT’s consultants worked separately with the two sites to manage the process of a SQL Server database upgrade for key applications, and infrastructure security upgrades.

> Working with another Commonwealth of Virginia department, Virtual IT designed and installed a prototype state-of-the-art IP based video surveillance and monitoring system at two of its sites in central Virginia.

> A third Commonwealth of Virginia department engaged Virtual IT’s resources through a prime contractor to lead and facilitate a ‘Single Sign-On’ security integration project.  Virtual IT’s consultants led the engagement working closely with department personnel, to develop the requirements, identify the target solution architecture and investment required to satisfy the requirements. A project feasibility study was also performed as part of this engagement, concluding in a go/no-go decision for the project investment.






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